Writer’s Workshop is a research based method the Kingsley faculty uses to teach writing. This method is designed to ensure that students achieve the Common Core State Standards for Writing.

According to Donald Graves, a pioneer in education, “teaching writing to children was to make them more conscious of what successful adult writers do—draft ideas, revise, edit, and publish. By involving children in this process, he sought to help them become more active in their own education, and not incidentally, more self-aware; he advocated that children write extensively about themselves and their observations.”

Writer's WorkshopThe goals for Writer’s Workshop at Kingsley are for students to be able to:

  • Create an identity and love for writing
  • Acquire writing as a life-long skill
  • Master different text-types and genres in writing
  • Utilize the Writing Process independently

Writer’s Workshop is a student-centered approach that tailors curriculum to meet student’s individual needs and goals as writers. Teachers have the opportunity to provide students with strategic feedback in their progression of Writing Behaviors, Writing Process, and Qualities of Writing. Students have the opportunity to become writers and publish multiple books by the end of the year.