Marathon KidsCome join us each Wednesday and Friday morning from 7:40-8:05 for the Morning Running Club! Research shows that physical exercise is the best way to start your day and prep your brain for learning!  We are glad to have partnered with Marathon Kids and appreciate their guidance and support for our running club. Here are the incentives Marathon Kids has for our runners:

In partnership with Nike, the newly expanded Marathon Kids program sets kids on a journey to run the equivalent of up to four marathons (26.2 x 4 = 104.8 miles) over the course of a 9-month running club season. At each marathon milestone completed, kids earn Nike rewards, including:

  • Marathon #1 (26.2 miles): “26.2 and counting” Nike T-shirt
  • Marathon #2 (52.4 miles): Exclusive “52.4” Nike shoelaces
  • Marathon #3 (78.6 miles): Exclusive “78.6” Nike shoe deubres*
  • Marathon #4 (104.8 miles): Exclusive “104.8” Nike bracelet

*Don’t know what a deubre is? Run 78.6 miles with us and find out!

If your child is interested in joining the running club please let your child’s teacher know so he/she can be added to the class’ running roster.

See you on the track!