On behalf of the faculty and staff at Kingsley Elementary, we welcome you to our school community and all the amazing programs that we have to offer. Kingsley is a TK thru 5th grade elementary school located in East Hollywood. Our instructional program is defined by teaching practices that promote high cognitive learning and 21st Century teaching practices.

In keeping with Kingsley’s commitment to academic excellence, our school is dedicated to providing the following to ensure that every student reaches their highest potential.

We offer two program options:

  1. Academic English Program
  2. A research-based Dual Language Immersion Program (English/Spanish) that allows students to develop literacy and content knowledge in two languages

Our innovative instructional practices include: Guided Reading, Writer’s Workshop, Eureka Math, Engineering Design Process and Technology integration. Our California Native and Edible Garden is the outdoor classroom space that connects students to nature and environmental stewardship.

An important piece of our success is parent engagement and our partnerships with UCLA, Enrich LA, Skyhook Foundation, and Star Inc. We look forward to our collaboration as we work together to equip your child with 21st Century Skills.


Karina Salazar