OrchestraOur school is proud to partner with LAUSD’s Arts Education Branch to bring high quality arts instruction to enhance the learning process. The arts instruction is based on the California Visual and Performing Arts content standards.

Orchestra is offered to students in grades 3-5th grade. Auditions for Orchestra take place the first month of school. Students who are selected to join the orchestra have access to a loaned instrument for the entire academic year. The orchestra is composed of Brass, Strings, and Wind instruments. Lessons are on a weekly basis during school hours.

Visual ArtsAn itinerant Visual Arts instructor team teaches with our faculty on a weekly basis to deliver a comprehensive visual arts program. The lessons are based on the Elementary Instructional Guide which is organized by grade level with instructional modules in each grade. Each module has a “big idea” and essential questions that drive the direction of the instruction, and key standards that are addressed in the final assessment. The instructional guide is the foundation of the elementary arts program, and is used as a guide and framework for discrete and integrated instruction of the visual arts.